5 Tips to Turn Your Landing Page into a Converting Powerhouse

5 Tips to Turn Your Landing Page into a Converting Powerhouse

Converting landing pages
Considered to be the final point of contact, the landing page is a crucial link in a customer’s journey leading to a conversion. A poorly designed landing page might as well be a coup de grâce to all the efforts beforehand; whether it is PPC, SEO work, or any other digital marketing work. Having said that, there are a few things that you can keep in mind when designing and optimising landing pages that can convert — whatever your conversion may be.

  1. A landing page must have a single and intentional focus, from the pages/ads leading to the landing page to the content on the landing page. Consistency is key; any undercurrent of confusion can lead to lost customers. Call to actions must be the same, and in most cases there should only be one call to action.


  1. Keep your landing pages distraction free; concise is the name of the game. Clutter and too many links just means that people are leaving the page to look for other things instead of converting and therefore are being pulled away from your single focus of trying to have them convert.


  1. Show your unique selling points, what makes you better than your competitors? Why should they do what the call to action says? What’s in it for them? Make sure it’s quick and easy to read, keep just the most important parts of your selling points on the page.


  1. Test your landing pages! There are always ways to improve the conversion rate of landing pages, and it starts out with testing in broad strokes. A/B test large parts such as the use of language, positioning of elements on page, and colours. Later on, multivariate testing can be used to hone in on optimising the details.


  1. Whether it be the use of AdWords Conversions, Analytic Goals, or any other means; tracking your landing page conversions is extremely important because it gives you the data to make an informed decision on which test results performed better.

Written by Jeffrey Chang

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