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5 practical tips to INSTANTLY boost your PPC conversion rate

  • Posted by Clare Moorhouse
  • On September 18, 2017
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As the digital world is getting more competitive and online attention-spans get shorter, conversions seem harder to achieve. But the good news is, there are definitely ways to increase conversion rates – almost instantly and without too much effort.
By applying these five practical tips from our Google-Qualified experts, you’ll be able to see results almost instantly:
1. Use testimonials as social proof
People are becoming a lot savvier online: we’re comparing and researching products and services before making a decision, and part of this process involves finding out what other people think. According to Moz.com’s article, titled New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews, reviews don’t just help conversions, they highly alter the buyer’s purchase decision. Using reviews from your customers on your landing pages don’t need to be overused or intrusive. They simply need to be available to provide the social proof that helps convert visitors into leads and revenue.
2. Clear the clutter
To make a difference to your landing page and increase conversions, you need to purge the clutter. An overload of images, text, too many call-to-actions can cause visitors to switch off and go elsewhere.
Keep your landing pages clean and simple.
Take a look at how simple this landing page is:

3. Hit a pain point
When a user clicks on your landing page, they’re not interested in you (sorry to bear the bad news), they’re interested in themselves and their problem. Start your copy by focusing on your audience, identify with their pain points and make it relate to them in a way that really hits a chord so they will be compelled to take action.
4. Give an ultimatum
As well as a clear CTA button, you also want to be giving your website visitors the alternative if they don’t take up your offer. Neil Patel does this brilliantly on his blog:

Visitors feel more compelled to click on the CTA rather than admitting to the alternative of not wanting more traffic. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want more traffic?!
5. Humanise your brand
Design your landing pages for your audience, not search engine spiders. Everything from copy, images and layout should be designed to help give your visitors the best experience.
Create copy that explains what you do as if your customer is sitting in front of you; lead with benefits, not features and keep copy as simple as possible.
Still struggling to see good conversions? Contact Broadplace, our team of web experts can carry out a FREE Audit to help identify ways to improve your conversion rate.

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