5 Minutes to a Better AdWords Account

Many times we find ourselves unsure of what action to take in order to ensure our account runs at its maximum potential. When these thoughts come up, often we resort to drastic changes: plans of completely recreating the account or redoing all the ads. Well, why not try a different strategy? These four changes should take you only a couple of minutes to implement and hopefully you’ll see an improvement to the account. (This is all assuming you don’t have other glaring issues with the account)  

1. Ad delivery:

  Pick your campaign -> go to Settings -> All Settings -> scroll down to Ad delivery -> Set ad delivery to Optimise for conversions Campaign Settings ~~~ Ad Delivery By setting the ad delivery to optimise for conversions, Google will decide (based on previous conversion data) in real time when it will be most effective to show your ads, this should improve your conversion rate while lowering your cost.  

2. Callout extensions:

  Go to Ad Extensions -> View: Callout extensions -> + Extension (red button) -> Add your unique selling points as callout extensions. Ad Extensions ~~~ Callout Extensions Callout extensions are a 25 character addition to your ads which allows you to show your unique selling points in comparison to your competitors. It allows you to promote yourself and, if done well, it should increase the CTR and conversions. Some good examples would be things like “free shipping”, “24 hour customer service” or “free trial”.  

3. Shared library campaign negatives

  Go to Shared library under All campaigns -> Campaign negative keywords -> + List -> Create negative lists for similar campaigns.   Shared Library ~~~ Campaign Negative Keywords   The campaign negative keywords feature allows you to add campaign level negative keywords for multiple groups of campaigns. For example, if you have multiple location campaigns that are built around the same keywords, adding in campaign level negatives to each would be a hassle. Doing it in bulk through here saves time.   Hope you enjoyed these tips and they help you out!   Written By Jeffrey Chang