5 Facebook Ad Features You Should Use

5 Facebook Ad Features You Should Be Using

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  • On August 14, 2018
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In such a fast-paced industry, we understand how difficult it can be to keep up with all the changes and additions being made daily across the various platforms available to digital marketers.

Here we’ve listed 5 of the most useful features available within Facebook Ads that you might not know about…

1. Ads Planner

Use the Ads Planner to predict reach and frequency.

Add details like your budget and schedule to predict the reach and frequency of your campaigns.

Create and compare versions.

Create multiple versions of the same plan to compare predictions and find the most effective campaign plan.

Share plans easily.

Keep your team informed. You decide what details you want to share, and how to share them.


2. Custom Creatives

Create custom creatives depending on ad placements using the Placement Asset Customisation (PAC) feature.

Set different creatives for different ad placements within one ad set. For example, you can set one image to be shown on the Facebook News Feed, while another creative is shown on the Audience Network.

Facebook Ad Features


3. Automated Rules

Create rules that automatically update or notify you of changes to your campaigns.

Automated rules can help to cut down the time needed to manage your ads, by providing regular performance updates via email. Recent updates to the Automated Rules:

  • New metrics & conditions: ROAS, metadata conditions, cross-level rule filters
  • New actions: Unpause an ad, scale/budget/bid, frequency customisation
  • New features: set a custom rule schedule, automated rules, and Attribution Window


4. Block Listing

Advertisers have the ability to upload a block list of domains and app URLs.

Block lists can be uploaded within the Business Manager and can also be enabled in the edit placements section where you edit category blocking.

Facebook Ad Features


5. Personalised Catalog Experience

Mobile collection ads are now more effective with tabs for Canvas.

Tabs for Canvas enables consumers to browse through a range of content in multiple tabs within a Canvas. Consumers can click into the Canvas through a collection ad in their feed, which will feature content from the tab that is most relevant to them within both the News Feed and fullscreen formats.

This experience uses the same product recommendations engine that powers dynamic ads, enabling you to show shoppers the parts of a catalog that are most relevant to them based on their changing interests and shopping behaviour.

Facebook Ad Features

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