5 Creative Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Base

5 Creative Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Base

  • Posted by Broadplace
  • On December 28, 2010
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We all know the potential that Facebook pages have for online marketers. However just making a creatively appealing page is not enough. There is a lot that can be done in order to get more visitors on to your Facebook page and increase the fan base. Here are a few ways that will help boost the number of fans your business page has.
Embed Facebook Plugins on your website: There are many ways through which visitors visit your website and not always through Facebook. You can still make them your fan on Facebook by embedding the Facebook Social Plugins. There is a Like Box plugin that will display your fan page and a few fans from your existing fan list onto your website. Once a visitor clicks on the like button he becomes your Facebook fan.
Use your existing database of customers: When you are crating a vast list fans, first send invites to your existing customers, newsletter subscribers etc. Your customers are the ones who know you and your business and be your genuine fans.  Instead of inviting your friends and family members to become your fans and just adding the number of fans it is better to use the database of people who are actively or passively interested in your business.
Include your Fan page link in your Email Signature: When you send any form of information through emails to your customers and prospective customers, including your Fan page link in your signature can be useful. This will not just increase your fans but will also let people know about your presence on Facebook.
Link your Facebook page to Twitter: When you do promotions on Facebook you can now run the same on your Twitter account. The content that you post on Facebook is posted on your Twitter account after being edited. Your up to 450 words Facebook posts is shortened to fit the 140 character limit of Twitter.
Make your online efforts visible on your offline activities too: Including a snap shot of your Facebook page on your company’s letterhead, brochure, print ads, business cards etc will help in building your brand image. People will be interested in visiting your Facebook page and to know more about your business.

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