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4 essential questions to ask before getting started with Google Adwords


Just getting started with Google Adwords? Thinking of running a Google Ads campaign for the first time? Make sure you ask yourself these four questions before getting started:
1. What keywords should I bid for?
The Google Adwords Tool will provide a useful source of phrase selection ideas and help you create a targeted list of keywords for your products or services. However, don’t be tempted to bid for just the ones that have a high search volume as these are not always the best ones, and they can quickly eat up your budget. Targeted, specific keywords are likely to give you a higher conversion rate, but may generate less clicks. Once your Ads are up and running, it’s all about refinement and effective measurement.
2. What’s my average conversion rate?
Before deciding how much money to spend on Google ads, it’s useful to do some analysis on your own website of your average conversion rate. This will enable you to establish what your budget should be.
The important thing to remember is that ad spend can be mitigated by better targeting, specific geographic locations, devices and even by creating a high converting landing page. Be sure to seek advice from a Google Qualified Expert at Broadplace to help reduce your ad spend and get the best results.
3. What’s my powerful USP?
What’s different about your product or service that makes people want to buy from you? It’s worth working on a compelling USP before you start any Google Adwords campaign as this will help to differentiate you from other advertisers and also reduce unwanted leads. A strong USP can particularly help if your ad is appearing in Google Shopping price comparisons by giving your prospects a convincing reason to buy from you that isn’t based on price.
4. What do I want visitors to do when they land on my page?
Before embarking on any Google Ad spend, it’s worth thinking about what you want your visitors to do when they come to your landing page. This is called a Call-to-Action, and is critical to optimising PPC ad performance.
Here’s some ideas:

  • If you are selling products? Start your CTA with words like ‘buy,’ ‘shop,’ or ‘order’
  • If you’re selling to a B2B audience and promoting a newsletter or white paper? Start your CTA with words like ‘download’ or ‘subscribe’
  • If you are selling software? Use words such as ‘try now’ ‘start free trial’ or ‘find out how..’

Try to use words that provoke emotion, urgency and enthusiasm and give your audience a good reason why they should take your desired action.
Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to start setting up your Google Ads. Contact Broadplace for the best Google-qualified advice on how best to do this.

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