3 ways to optimise your PPC campaign for mobile

3 ways to optimise your PPC campaign for mobile

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  • On December 4, 2017
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As more users around the world are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers, now is the perfect time to ensure you are optimising your PPC campaign for mobile.

According to research, over half of traffic to retail websites is now coming via smartphones and tablets and mobile commerce now accounts for 36% of UK e-retail sales, rising to 40% for clothing and apparel websites.

Here are 3 quick wins to ensure your PPC campaign is optimised for mobile:

1. Ad click to call ad extensions

If your business provides a service, you should add a telephone number. This means users don’t have to click on your ad to take action, making it a better mobile experience for them.

The Google Call Forwarding feature is free and allows you to measure the performance of your adverts and number of calls made from your advertising:

Here’s an example:
2. Use mobile bid modifiers

You can also use bid modifiers to adjust your bids on mobile devices by a percentage of your desktop bid. If you are unsure how to allocate your budget between mobile and desktop, allow your ad to run for a week or so, then look at the results. If you find that your click-through-rate and conversion rate is higher on mobile, then allocate more of your budget towards mobile.

3. Create campaigns specifically for mobile

Develop mobile specific ad copy that will appeal to mobile searchers. If you want a mobile specific text ad that will only show to searches that originated on mobile devices, make sure to check the box for mobile under “Device preference.”

Remember that not all traffic across devices has the same goals or desires the same experience so keep in mind your searcher’s intent and the context in which they are searching on a mobile to help you create a compelling and shorter version of your adverts.

It goes without saying that you need to have a website experience optimized specifically for mobile visitors too by allowing users to take a quick, easy action on your landing page.

Applying these tactics within your Google Adwords and making some adjustments within your mobile campaigns will help improve results and ensure you take advantage of the increase in mobile search.

For more information on optimising your Google Adwords campaigns for mobile, contact our Search Team.

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