Bing’s Redesign Of Their Search Engine

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  • On July 11, 2012
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The search engine Bing, will soon launch its huge redesign of its already popular search page that aims to produce better and more useful results than the current design. The reasoning for the redesign is that the team at Bing feels that people now use search engines in a different way; nowadays people use them to do things in the real world, and the simple list of links does not provide enough information for users.
The impressive new design will feature three vertical columns, with organic results as the main section on the left, the middle pane containing additional information and social insights being shown in the right column. The main organic results will not be cluttered with social information which will therefore produce more relevant links to the search. Research showed that not everybody wanted this social information in their searches, and by having a separate sidebar this would solve the problem. The middle section will show helpful information such as maps, phone numbers, pictures and prices, and is ideal for all kinds of information on restaurants, hotels, businesses, cinemas and more. This section is also partnered with companies such as Yelp, Open Table and Fansnap to help provide more detailed information.
The social sidebar on the right hand side will contain all the information you need from all the main social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Quora, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype and Blogger. There will be four features of this, it will display ‘Ask Friends’, which will allow users to ask their friends a question online from the sidebar such as their opinion of somewhere. ‘Friends Who Might Know’ will display a list of your friends who may know about your search, if they have lived in the area for example. ‘People Who Know’ displays a list of people who know about your search, this could be people on Twitter who have tweeted about your search, you can then click on the link to read their activity, finally,  ‘Activity’ will allow you to see real time activity on Facebook.
The social section essentially integrates all of the social networking websites with your search results to produce the best information which can be from your own trusted online friends. The redesign aims to produce more relevant search results and provide you with all the information you need in each panel to be satisfied with your search results.

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