Bing Connects With Facebook to Take Advantage of the Friend Effect

Search engines are always evolving, but the most recent development concerns so called “social search”. This means you can access a more personalised search experience if you are a member of Facebook – and if you use Bing on a regular basis.
Bing now has a connection with Facebook that gives you an enhanced search experience if you sign into your Facebook account before you start searching for things. The idea is that you will be able to benefit from the likes and opinions of the people you know on the social networking site. When you are signed in and you search for something, you will see which stories, items and other content have been liked by the people you know on Facebook.
This is a new angle for Bing to take but it looks like it will be very popular. Since Facebook has so many members there is a good chance you have already joined. But even if you are new to the site you can still join now to take advantage of the “Friend Effect” on Bing.
Personalised search results bring trusted opinions and likes from the people you know to the subject you are searching for. According to Bing’s research some 90% of us seek advice from the people we know before we make any kind of decision. This new collaboration between Bing and Facebook brings this process to the search engine. It is definitely the start of a whole new way to search as well as for SEO and for SEO Company like us.

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