Bid-Per-Call: A New And More Efficient Way To Track Your Returns

Millions of people surf the internet every day, and whether that be for research while at work or for fun when at home, the chances of an advert catching your eye are extremely high no matter where you are.
Google is a well-known and well utilised medium when it comes to advertising. By implementing Google AdWords into your marketing strategy there is a great wealth of potential clients for you and your business to tap into. The process is simple: you create new adverts, your adverts appear on Google, and new customers are attracted to your website where they buy your products and services.
The fantastic thing about Google AdWords is that you only pay for results; this is undoubtedly a feature you will recognise when commonly referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC.
Ever searching for new means of bringing in customers and increasing your ROI, Google can now offer businesses based in the USA and UK the ability to bid for phone calls. Similar to PPC, your business can also Bid-Per-Call online as well as for clicks. By setting up this feature, it can be monitored by your existing account manager at Broadplace, or by your newly designated professional when you join as a new customer.
This is something well worth thinking about, as any bid-per-call and phone call Quality Score may also directly factor into your online Ad Rank too! We all know the benefits of this; higher ranked adverts have an increased chance of being seen and can subsequently generate more phone calls, as well as maintaining the potential for even more clicks.
Integrating the Bid-Per-Call application into your account is easy, and can be done quickly as you simply select to have a Google forwarding number when you set up Call Extensions in your account. This will allow Google’s systems to record when a call is placed to your business through your adverts.
Then you and your Broadplace account manager can keep an eye on the call progress through AdWords in the same way that you would for your clicks. After all, a phone call can lead to more relevant enquiries and potentially more business, therefore as an organisation you may be more willing to pay for a phone call rather than for a click.
What’s more, your account manager will forward regular reports that could share details so specific as to include call duration, caller area code, and call type such as from a mobile or a manually dialled call as well as even pin-pointing the keywords/ad groups that triggered the calls.
“This can really help your business in terms of generating more enquiries and also help you measure the returns more effectively.” – Dave Bhargav, Account Manager.
If you would like to find out more about Bid-Per-Call, and how it can enhance your marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Broadplace Advertising Ltd. this feature is included in your existing management fee, and this applies to both new and existing customers alike.
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