How To Increase Impressions on Bing Ads

That’s probably the most common question every Digital Account Manager asks at least once in their career. How many times have you suffered from insufficient traffic from your Bing campaigns? Why are generic keywords not triggering any impressions, or very few at the most? I’ll bet the frustration and disappointment connected to this makes you think “Why should I bother running online campaigns with Bing?!“, “I’m wasting my time here“, “I promised so much to my client and now I am in big, big trouble“.

Well, you’re not alone, but, also…

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me start from the beginning. I was also disappointed so many times with very low traffic on my Bing Ads campaigns, but since I volunteered to become the local Bing Ads Champion here at Broadplace, I found an internal drive to tackle and sort out the ‘low impressions’ problem at Bing once and for all. Well, not literally, but at least to investigate how to improve things and make life easier. I’m going to share my recommended top tips to consider and implement… before you start complaining about Bing Ads.

Tip 1 – Check The Settings After Importing

How many times have you created a new Bing Ads campaign, by simply importing the settings from Google Ads? Often? Always? I don’t blame you at all. This feature is fantastic and allows you to save so much time. Also, it usually works pretty well. But ‘usually’ isn’t always.

I highly recommend checking the settings once your campaigns are imported into your new Bing account. You would be surprised how many times there will be:

  • Missing postcode locations
  • Incorrect bidding strategies (e.g some smart bidding settings are only available on Google Ads)
  • Invalid keywords (each platform has got their own policies that could affect which keywords are/aren’t eligible to run)
  • Disapproved ads (again, each platform has got their own policies that could affect the ads review process)


Tip 2 – Identify New Opportunities

Also, there will be a number of keywords more/less popular on one platform compared to the other, so I would recommend checking the Bing Ads Opportunities tab to go through (see the screenshots below). I discovered there is quite often different bids needed for Bing Ads, usually lower than on Google, but sometimes bids need increasing to stay on the first page of search results.

How to Increase Impressions on Bing

Tip 3 – Check Keyword Bids

Below the first page bids are very common oversights. This process can be automated (with capped maximum bid), but I personally like to keep control on how much each keyword would cost me, if someone decided to click on my ad, so I check and adjust the keywords bids manually.

How to Increase Impressions on Bing

Tip 4 – Check The Impression Share Lost To…

Budget, rank, ad relevance, expected CTR, bid… All of these could be another reason for the lower impressions on your Bing campaigns – so please check them regularly. Some are an easy fix (bidget, bid) and some require more long term strategy to be in place (rank, ad relevance, expected CTR). All give you the opportunity to improve the stats.

How to Increase Impressions on Bing

Tip 5 – Microsoft Audience Ads (New To Bing Ads in the UK)

In September, Microsoft Audience Ads were made available to all UK advertisers and their ads could appear in high quality native placements across premium sites such as MSN, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge. Powered by artificial intelligence, Microsoft Audience Ads use Bing’s rich intent and audience data to create a more relevant ad experience. This powerful solution helps bring greater performance and the increased volume drives more high-quality clicks and conversions. To simplify all the above, this means more traffic opportunities. To set your expectations, Microsoft expect an initial volume increase by up to 3% – but this is just the beginning, so please check this new feature on a regular basis.

Bing Ads will use your customers’ existing search ads in native placements. To get started, you can take the following steps:

  • Add images using Image Extensions for additional premium placements and high-quality volume.
  • Associate Image Extensions to campaigns and ad groups prior to 12th September 2018. Optimise campaigns by adjusting bids and creating separate ads once enabled for Microsoft Audience Ads.
  • Use bid adjustments (-100% to +900%) to control how often Microsoft Audience Ads show.

To adjust your bids for a campaign, select the campaign you’d like to adjust, then select Settings> Advanced Settings> Other Settings> Audience Ads

How to Increase Impressions on Bing

To check the Audience Ads performance, go to a specific tab (e.g keywords) and check the stats at the bottom of the page.



There will always be someone complaining about Bing Ads and saying they’re a waste of time. Your role as the Account Manager is to get evidence whether that’s right or wrong. I agree, Bing Ads won’t work for every account and not every account will get enough volume for the proper test. But, I have managed so many accounts in my career where Bing was delivering a decent volume, amazing low CPA, impressively high ROAS and was an excellent addition to my clients’ digital strategy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and test Bing Ads and follow my tips on how to increase impressions and volume.

How To Set Up Ad Schedules on AdWords

Ad scheduling is important. You may think that distributing your ads evenly across the week would be more of a catch-all approach. And it may be the case that ad scheduling isn’t necessarily relevant for your sector. But if you have a pretty good idea of when your customers are searching for your products or services, ad scheduling helps to make your budget work harder and more efficiently.
As stated by PPC Hero’s Eric Couch, “Working in PPC is all about making the most of what you have … the stakes may be lower when you’re only spending fifteen dollars a day, but that doesn’t make it less important to perform at a high level.”
You probably already know this. If you’re starting off with AdWords and need to know how to set up your ad schedule to run on certain hours or days of the week, we’re really happy to present our latest ‘how to’ video.

Quick Wins with Ad Scheduling

  • Ad scheduling shows customers when you are available to help them.
  • Ad scheduling allows you to make bid adjustments for quieter and busier times of the day/week.
  • You can also use a location bid modifier to schedule your bidding per city.

If you can’t watch the video right now, you can see a transcript below…


How to Schedule Ads By Hour of the Day/Day of the Week

Open the campaign you need to edit
Go to settings
Go to ad schedule
Click & create custom schedule
Choose either 12 hour or 24 hour display clock, hit save
Select days of the week by pressing the blue +Add button
You will see the Ad Schedule overview highlighting the selected days and hours
Apply bid adjustments where necessary for the chosen days

Want to Check Those Stats?

By Hour of the day
Open the campaign
Go to “dimensions”
Select “time” then “hour of day”
You’ll now see breakdown by hour of the day.
By Day of the Week
Open the campaign
Go to “dimensions”
Select “time” then “day of the week”
You’ll now see the performance breakdown by day of the week
Here at Broadplace, we really like to share our expertise to make like easier for you. Whether you’re a customer or not.That’s why we’re offering you a FREE PPC AUDIT. With no strings attached.
Free PPC Audit 2017

Bing Expanded Text Ads Rolling Out

Somewhat predictably, Bing Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) have been launched in Beta – following on from the recent launch of Google AdWords’ Expanded Text Ads. The Bing ETA pilot opened towards the end of August, with their intention to do so being announced back in June. As we detailed in a previous blog, Bing Ads is smaller than Google, which dominates the online advertising world. That said, they are still important route to market for many advertisers. They cater for a more specific (and often more lucrative) customer demographic. There are 60 million searchers that are only found on the Bing Network.
So when Google announced that it would be introducing Expanded Text Ads, Bing were quick to follow suit:

At Bing Ads we understand that a significant percentage of our advertisers also manage paid search campaigns in Google AdWords. This means compatibility between search advertising platforms is very important to our advertisers and to us. ” Jamie Chung, Program Manager

This will come as a huge relief to many advertisers who primarily advertise with Google Ads. Luckily, Bing allows advertisers to import from Google AdWords, saving time getting expanded text ads up and running on both platforms. This latest development proves to us their commitment to keeping up with AdWords and making life easier for its advertisers.

Bing Expanded Text Ads Explained

So, how will the new expanded text ads compare with the current Standard Text Ads on Bing?
bing expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads is a new mobile-optimized ad format that enables your customers to craft longer ad copy and optimize their ad text to better engage with searchers before they click on their ads.” Jamie Chung, Bing

bing expanded text ads
The Display URL paths will not need to contain active breadcrumbs from the final URL. Capitalisation will be retained, however, as you can see from the examples from Bing below:
bing expanded text ads
If you’d be interested in learning more about the pilot scheme and would like to sign up for it, please get in touch with your Account Manager or give us a call on 020 7993 9853.
Learn more about the differences between Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads here:
Google vs Bing Ads

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