How To Make The Most of Extended Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads
Extended Text ads provide an increase of 50% more ad space, as well as a bunch of other exciting features, as we mentioned when they were first released (read more here). Google will be swapping to this format on 31st January 2017, so you don’t have too much time to make the switch if you haven’t already. And if you have – here’s how to make them even better.

How They Look

Expanded text ads have a new format, as compared in the image below. There are:

  • two headlines (up to 30 characters each)
  • a single, expanded description field (up to 80 characters)
  • a display URL that uses your final URL’s domain
  • two optional ‘path fields’ – these show users where they will end up on your website when they click through

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads Set Up Tips

Expanded Text Ads before and after


This is where you need to use keywords and compelling text to entice customers to click. The secondary headline should provide supporting information – that could be your USP or the deadline of an offer.

TOP TIP Remember that not all of your headline will always show. This is because Google are counting pixels as well as characters and letters such as “W” take up more space.



Back up your claims, provide supporting information that leads into a call to action.
You can boost conversions by showing users what to expect when they click on the ad – will they go through to more
Differentiate your product or service from competitors. This is your last chance to grab users’ attention.
BUT! Don’t waffle for the sake of using every available character – if you can keep it short and sweet and enjoy the same great results, do that!
Use compelling words that are emotive – i.e. they grab your customer’s attention because they appeal to something that person is experiencing – a problem, a solution, a deadline. We’ll be providing our top 100 list of compelling words in a future blog, check back!

Display URL

These are optional, but it’s best practice to utilise this new feature. You can use it to add in more keywords.
You can break up a long tail keyword by splitting it up across the path fields.

TOP TIP Google doesn’t allow you to use trademarks or competitor names in the headlines or description, but you can use them in the URL path fields.


Mobile Ads

Always ensure that your ads are mobile friendly.
ETAs don’t differentiate between devices, unlike their predecessor, the Standard Text Ad.
In the ad editor, make use of the mobile preview feature to check headlines make sense if they are broken up into two lines.

Split Testing ETAs

As we showed in our previous blog about the results of ETA so far from our Beta Testing (as a Google Premier Partner we get to test cool new stuff first), overall the average Clickthrough Rate (CTR) was a lot higher than standard text ads. Ours were enjoying a 188% increase. This might not always be the case.
For that reason, we highly recommend testing out the new ads in the ad groups that have performed well for you in the past.
As you may be aware, ETAs will replace standard text ads from 31st January 2017. Pre-existing text ads will continue to serve past this date. Now is the time to test the two alongside each other.

Don’t just pause your standard text ads. Work on your ETAs until they are achieving the same or better results as the STAs.


Can ETAs Increase Your Quality Score?

As with all things Google, relevance is key. That’s why ads should serve the search queries that users type in. Achieving a high CTR signals to Google that your ad is useful to users. Use the keywords you are bidding on in the text – including competitors’ names if you have used them in the path fields.
Using helpful ad extensions can help improve quality score because, when used with an ETA they take up more ‘real estate’ on the search engine results page (SERP) and are likely to receive more clicks. The extensions can be used to provide more helpful information that supplements what is already in your ad text.

What About My Old Text Ads?

Don’t fret, you’re not going to have to spend the rest of the year rewriting a bunch of ads. You can add new ads in bulk.

  1. In your AdWords account, click the Campaigns menu, then click on the Ads tab
  2. Make sure the “All Enabled Ads” option is selectedExpanded Text Ads
  3. Click Edit > Download Spreadsheet.
  4. Choose Excel .CSV format
  5. Click “Advanced editing” and uncheck all boxes except “All Editable Columns”. Then click Download and save the file on your machine.

Expanded Text Ads

Make Changes

  1. Open the CSV file in Excel
  2. For each ad that you want to create an expanded text ad for, add values in the Headline 1, Headline 2, Description, Path 1 and Path 2 columns. You can use values in the Ad, Description line 1 and Description line 2 columns (in the same row) as a guide since these represent your current ad.Expanded Text Ads
  3. Delete the Ad, Description line 1, Description line 2 and Display URL values from the same row.
  4. Go to the Ad Type column and change “Text ad” to “Expanded text ad”Expanded Text Ads
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for each expanded text ad you want to create. NOTE: If you are new to this process, it will be best if you try and add only one expanded text ad the first time. In this case, you should just delete all rows other than the row you just edited.
  6. Save the file as a CSV

Import Your New Ads

  1. In your AdWords account, click the Campaigns menu, then click on the Ads tab
  2. Click Edit > Upload Spreadsheet
  3. Choose the file you saved and click Upload and PreviewExpanded Text Ads
  4. Google will now show you the number of ads that will be added. This should be the no. of new expanded text ads that you added in step 2 of the Make Changes section above. If there are any problems with the data you added, it will be shown in this box.Expanded Text Ads
  5. Click on Preview changes. Even if you had any errors in step 4 above, you should do this to determine exactly where the problems are.
  6. Verify that each expanded text ad is shown correctly in the previewExpanded Text Ads
  7. If everything looks good, click Approve changes to add your new ads. If you see any problems here, click Reject changes. Go back to your CSV file in Excel, fix the problems and then try again.


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Expanded Text Ads Results

Expanded Text Ads – The Results So Far

by Dan Pillay, Head of Operations, Broadplace Advertising
Earlier this year we reported on the introduction of Google’s Expanded Text Ads. Here at Broadplace, we’re seeing that the average Clickthrough Rate (CTR) of Expanded Text Ads is 188% higher than standard text ads across our client base this September.
Expanded Text Ads before and after
This is great news for all the advertisers we’ve been working with testing and iterating through ad variation. The future looks bright and we’ll keep testing and working on these ad variations over the coming months.
It’s not just CTR that’s doing well though as we’ve seen advertisers Increase Position by up to 15% the improved CTR is having a knock on effect on conversions and position – meaning more real estate and more awareness.
We’re excited by these initial results from Expanded Text Ads and are looking forward to further roll out of products like expanded dynamic search ads, responsive ads and other betas.
As a Google Premier Partner, we have extremely high best practise adoption amongst our clients fulfilled by our highly trained account management team and our ever expanding technology suite CampaignHub which uses the latest intelligence and techniques to optimise and implement features in our clients’ accounts.

Our Top Tips for making the most of Expanded Text Ads:

  • Try different versions of your long-form text ad. Aim to try out 3-5 ads per group to really hone it.
  • Test headlines – with the extra headline to play with, you can try all sorts of variations
  • If it worked before, try it again. Successful ads can simply be expanded with more useful information for users
  • You don’t have to use all the extra space – brand terms for instance might just need your company name
  • Don’t get rid of your existing text ads. You still have time to test the ETAs alongside these, so keep them running. Google recommends leaving them running until your ETAs are consistently performing better.
  • Make sure that you tailor the ETAs across ad groups – don’t just copy and paste.
  • Shoehorning in an extra headline without adapting the rest of the text won’t work. Remember – you don’t have to put in an extra headline if it’s not necessary.
  • Make sure the ETAs are still aligned the user’s search query.
  • Remember the product information that has enticed customers before and reuse that. Test it multiple ways.

Bing Expanded Text Ads

How To Achieve Enviable Customer Satisfaction

by Dan Pillay, Head of Operations, Broadplace Advertising Ltd.

In the following article, you can learn the process which has led to industry-leading levels of advertiser satisfaction and retention as outlined by our MD, Ajay Syal, in Dublin at the recent Google Partner Conference:
Ajay Syal MD Broadplace Reviews Client Retention
As part of our efforts to promote high customer service levels we’ve kicked off this year with a whole new customer satisfaction rating process. We’ve given our clients the opportunity to rate our service in just a few simple clicks, as well as suggest ways to improve our products and services and put some goals in place for the next quarter. 
Customer Satisfaction
I’m immensely proud of the attention and focus we give our customer service levels, so I wanted to walk through the process, workflow and customer touch-points we have in place which allow us to:

  • Uncover potential issues
  • Highlight positive stories
  • Share knowledge within the team
  • Reduce response times
  • Put customers at the center of our product development


Customer Satisfaction Methodology

Customer Service
The methodology outlined above uses two interlinked customer feedback loops to put our customers at the center of our products both at the one-to-one level between a success manager and the customer which we believe drives rapid action.
At the same time we work with longer customer feedback loops, which are focused on improving single metrics; these are simple and effective to follow at corporate level and is a method outlined in further detail here: httpss:// – showing how focus on a simple metric such as NPS strengthens organisation-wide change.

Customer Feedback

These differing loop structures serve a purpose for service providers at a business level, allowing us to differentiate between the one-to-one experiences, as well as shifting company-wide standards. However, to me it is more important that they reflect how a customer actually experiences our products and services.
For example, a customer receiving a report wants to feedback instantly in the moment, just a few examples where instant feedback is important to a moment might be:

  • “I’ve just received a record lead, this report makes sense, do more of the same!” or maybe
  • “Stats look great, but I’ve just lost two clients so they don’t resonate with how I’m feeling now”
  • “This report caught me at a bad time, you’re seeing good results but I’m struggling…I need to react!”

In each of those cases it’s our job to make sure that we’re on hand to help the customer right then, getting the most out of our services and helping them navigate to repeated success, with benefits they understand.
At the same time, our customers have quarterly sales targets, monthly budgets, or yearly reviews, so it’s important we are pushing our products, strategy and services at regular, manageable intervals as well – with appropriate gaps given to the teams to measure, assess and iterate to improve overall performance. The kind of customer service innovation that needs more time to be truly disruptive and change the market is actioned by our teams, but tracked by focus on a few clear metrics – just like a customer might track their own business!
Through these service and satisfaction principals we are proud to share that in Q1 this year Broadplace has:

  • Launched 5 completely new products:
    • ConversionHub – Conversion Rate Optimisation software
    • Facebook Pay-Per-ClickCampaignHub large
    • CampaignHub – One stop budget delivery and optimisation software with in-demand
    • Responsive email reporting
    • CallHub – Customer requested call-tracking & recording technologyConversionHub-logo-large


  • Helped 62% of customers to invest more than this time last year, with better results!
  • Delivered over 12,000+ campaign performance reports.
  • Tracked more leads, conversions and sales than ever before for our customers.

These changes and actions have been instrumental in us receiving a fantastic 7.9 average satisfaction rating from our customers last quarter. We look forward to pushing this satisfaction metric up to 8.5 in Q2 through some of the exciting changes we’re making, as well as making each of your moments with us as special and rewarding as possible.

Thank you again to all our fantastic clients for all their feedback, support and time – we look forward exceeding your expectations again soon! To find out if we can make you a happy customer, give us a call on 020 3813 9146.

Exclusive Data: Right Hand Ads SERP Effect

A while back we announced the fact that Google was removing right hand ads: 
Google Delete Right Hand Ads
Many were concerned that this could have a negative impact on SMEs using AdWords to promote their business on Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). We took a look at that too:
impact SMEs right hand ads

Following on from our full data analysis of the impact of the SERP changes across our advertiser base we have (as promised) been crunching the numbers and analysed the impact over a longer time range on Click Through Rate (CTR) for our data set.

CTR By Position

There have been noticeable changes in CTR based on position over the last 30 days; position 1 and position 4 have a strong correlation, resulting in a reduction CTR across position 1 immediately after the SERP change. Then, we see a gradual increase over the next 14 days with CTRs gradually reducing again as results stabilise.
Right Hand Ads Follow Up
The conclusion of this, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that the SERP change is to blame. If we look at impressions by position we can see that following the February change there was an immediate clamour of advertisers to get in position 1 (probably fueled by position 1 SERP scaremongering….mobilegeddon anyone?) With so many advertisers across our base pushing for position 1, the CTR didn’t necessarily improve for everyone.
Right Hand Ads Follow Up

And this affects your wallet how…?

Right Hand Ad Removal Impact on CTR
Well, we can see that overall there has been a general CPC increase across the board for position 1, with its peaks in line with the clamour we saw in the graph above. Conversely, we see that position 2 has actually seen a gradual decrease in average CPC.

How can that be? Surely, if everyone is bidding more it’s making it more expensive for everyone, right?

Not necessarily. With advertisers competing more aggressively for position 1, a common theme we’re seeing is advertisers limiting themselves by budget and missing out on auctions all together, giving the savvy advertiser more room and value in position 2 once less tactical advertisers have expended all their budget fighting for vanity!
Right Hand Ads Follow Up
One thing that might drastically change this is Google’s changes to AdRank and ad formats which will mean that the higher the ad shows the more likely all extensions will show, this will have a massive impact on CTR and we’ll be doing a follow-up post on that and impression share analysis later this week. Check back for more! 

Google Removing Right Hand Ads – True Impact on SMEs

As our customers will know (because we’ve emailed them about it!), Google recently rolled out a new format for the search engine results page – removing right hand ads from results pages. You can read more about that here. Here at Broadplace, we’ve been interested to see the impact of these changes for future advertisers, as well as our existing client base – predominantly SMEs.
As a data-driven organisation, we have been tracking and analysing the opportunities and impact so far across our customers’ campaigns. We’ve used the data from hundreds of advertisers, across a wide range of verticals to draw insight and educate both our own teams and feeding this information back to our clients. We think the results will be of interest to anyone in charge of PPC campaigns for SMEs.
We agreed wholeheartedly with the comments and analysis from Wordstream’s Larry Kim and Kevin Ryan of SearchEnglineLand. In fact, we too have been preaching that any change to the SERP that is designed to provide a more user-friendly and native feel to adverts will be of benefit to the end user (your potential customers). We have seen that, so far, the negative impacts across our client base have been minimal.

No CPC Increase Trend

Based on the data below, we can see a few small CPC peaks across our database following the update on Friday 19th February. This, however, has been most likely linked to end of month pay day rush for share of voice, and since then we have seen a relatively steady decline in CPC across our many search campaigns.
Increase in CPCs Right Hand Ads
Similarly, we have seen shopping/product listing ads take brief spikes in share of PPC traffic. Here too, however, after the 25th February, we are seeing a relative return to normalcy.
Shopping Share Impact Right Hands Ad
We have however noticed a steady decline and drop off in the shopping CTR of campaigns leading up to and following the new search layout launch – this may indicate increased opportunity and visibility for for product listings as we saw impressions increase across accounts.
Shopping CTR Right Hand Ads Impact SMEs
Click-through-rate (CTR) by position has also seen some effect with position 4 and 3 having CTR increase steadily at the expense of position 2.
Right Hand Ads Impact CTR
In conclusion we’re seeing so far that there have been negligible effects on CPC’s for SME’s, but that intention in both position and Search vs. Shopping are increasingly important. More than ever, by bidding to the true value of a visit advertisers can correctly weigh up the impact to their business over the next few days.

We’ll be keeping our customers posted on any changes to their accounts as we progress through March to make the most of the new opportunities this change has ushered in.

Turning Insight into Action

Broadplace recently attended the Google Premier SMB Partner conference. One of the key objectives outlined by Todd Rowe (Managing Director – Google Channel Sales) at the event was that each attendee would have at least one key takeaway from the conference.
With so many valuable sessions taking place, we as an agency wanted to not only share our key thoughts and takeaways with the wider community and customers, but also hold ourselves accountable for turning these insights into action points.
After all, in an industry where we believe that tracking, measuring and optimising are crucial to improving performance – we want to prove, and apply that methodology to our internal strategies as well.
Google SMB Premier Partner

My Top 3 TakeAways


Treat Customer Satisfaction as a Product 

Whilst we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in the panel of exceptional customer service results, we were enthused by the idea of key Googlers who believed in treating customer satisfaction as a product, constantly requiring review and iteration.
Happiness and satisfaction are never static, and are subject to other emotional reference points so we need to learn to not be satisfied with our best in class customer service results either, coming up with new products and ways to measure and improve our clients happiness.
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
In addition to our multiple customer feedback mechanisms we conducted some focus groups with account managers to find out how we could make these satisfaction tools more actionable and useful internally as well, with a question, “How can we improve this product?”.
Our Account Management team felt that by displaying our customer satisfaction in a live view on dashboards around the office they would be motivated by positive feedback and also close the loop and reduce response times to neutral or negative feedback.
Insight into Action
The Result
These product improvements, in combination with many other initiatives, have meant that we’re heading into a record breaking month for customer retention, feedback, referrals and success!


We define every aspect of digital!

Jeff Folckemer gave an influential return speech in which he highlighted how he wants Hearst Newspapers to be the front of all digital and Google products for clients, not just paid advertising products.
Google SMB Premier Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We took a step back and looked at where we stood on adoption of free digital products such as Google My Business map listings and decided that although customers can and should update their own listings for free…that we should lead, by analysing our adoption rates we realised that we needed to own this product more for our customers (completely free of charge) to be recognised and valued as experts on their business.
Taking the extra 5 minutes to help a client get seen on Google Maps really gets us under our clients skin and understand how their business looks from the street, typing in their phone number reminds us how important each call is and uploading their logo brings us closer to the identity that business wants to convey.
The Results
Through adding this as a focus for our existing customers and, including this service as standard for all new customers we’ve managed to push our Google My Business adoption rates up to over 60% and bring extra value to all our customers – all completely free to them!


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

A common theme across all the sessions was that our sales process and services should be easy to follow for customers and our consultants, back to front or side to side! By understanding every single rule and situation, our team are better equipped to go the extra mile when making an exception, creating a custom solution, or dealing with a one in a billion business like yours!
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We’ve been busy on our sales solution front, moving to a completely new CRM to give us valuable customer insight to help match each business with a solution that suits them. Improving our call monitoring to ensure our teams have the best training and resources, and building a newtool ready for launch this week which will allow any business to quickly, simply and clearly create a digital marketing plan of their own!
The Results
These new techniques have allowed our newest digital consultants to bring record numbers of customers online this month, opting them into more custom services than ever before, and with the quickest build and launch times we’ve ever had!


Christmas Shopping Trends You Need To Know

With the festive season almost upon us, we’re bringing you a series of blogs about Christmas Shopping trends for 2015. If you read nothing else, let it be this…

Google Christmas Shopping Trends

Analysis of online shopping behaviour shows that once we hit less than three months to go until Christmas Day, the more organised consumers out there begin their Christmas shopping and this tends to be around Pay Day (25th of the month for most people).
Google says that 2014 was the most connected Holiday Season to date: 78% of shoppers reporting that they used the internet for holiday research last year and 40% of all shopping happened online.


Christmas Shopping Trends
Consumers will be researching and purchasing already, looking for those must-haves for 2016 and carefully selecting the perfect gift for that special someone from the extensive range of choice out there. In 2014, 53% of those who shopped online did so on smartphones or tablets.

Shopping vs Text Ads

Christmas Shopping Trends
Shopping ads and remarketing should be at the top of every savvy advertiser’s agenda, further qualifying visitors to your site through product images and prices and also attracting previous visitors back to your site to convert them second time around.

What Next?

To take advantage of this early pre-Christmas shopping, you must be visible where the majority of online shopping journeys begin – Google!
To ensure maximum exposure, please speak with your Account Manager about scheduling your ads so that your ad is seen whenever someone is searching for your product or service. Especially at weekends!
If you’re not already a customer with Broadplace, get in touch today to see how we can make your ad spend work harder for you this Christmas.
To read our Top 3 Competitor Analysis Tools To Get You Ahead For Christmas blog click here.

Christmas Shopping Trends

3 Competitor Analysis Tips To Get Ahead For Christmas

Competitor Analysis

Don’t focus on what the competition are doing, use it to add FOCUS what you are doing.


“Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage”. (Arie De Gues)

Market Research is a powerful tool, however, informed research can be an expensive investment, particularly for smaller businesses. One way to learn faster about your market is to leverage insight that your competition already have. We take a look at some competitor analysis tips that will help you in the run up to the Christmas rush.

  • Example: Noticing that competitors are highly active in directories and map listings may indicate that there is considerable market in the local area and that customers are location sensitive – this might inform your decision to focus on promoting your local pedigree, fast/free-shipping, or local telephone number.


“3 years from now what will our differentiator be?” (Kotler)

Reviewing the USP & competitive advantages of any rival will help any business plan how best to position their own offering, adopting a one-size fits all approach to product development or sales rarely yields the results your business needs. However identifying, and adapting to trends in the market allows you to build in future USP’s without the need to suddenly disrupt your business today.

  • Example: Noticing that a competitor has a compelling on-site video explaining service might indicate that they have a Bot Trafficsimple user-friendly interface. If you notice that your business may decide to focus more on conversion pages and calls to action to push your distinctive price point. On the other hand, if you notice you competitor is targeting a high amount of traffic to their website, you might decide that implementing a social media strategy to nurture long term leads might be a more appropriate long-term strategy to talk about the benefits of your products & services.

“It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital”. (Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle)


  • At any one time there may be a number of areas you want to improve in your online marketing, a common list includes:


    • Traffic
    • Video
    • Responsive Website
    • Content

When prioritising any of these actions it would be simplest (and most appealing) to list the actions in terms of what you think may drive the maximum potential revenue to your business, however, informing this decision might not always be so easy.

  • Example: By using competitor intelligence reports, a business can re-evaluate their priorities and gain maximum revenue by focusing on areas where their competitors are weakest. An example of this can be seen in the matrix below:

Competitor Analysis

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” (W. Churchill)

As a small to medium business, how do you get your hands on quick and effective competitor analysis to inform and guide your business decisions and online marketing strategy?
Broadplace have recently teamed up with Silktide, a competitor intelligence specialist to launch Broadplace engage+, a powerful report which can benchmark your activities against up to 3 competitors online. This service is provided free of charge on a quarterly basis to our existing clients. To see how this can help your business contact one of our consultants on 08005335655 for a no obligations competitor intelligence research quote.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis

Google Shopping Qualified Professionals

For any online advertiser with a product or stock inventory Google Shopping has been a fantastic success story over the last few years. We’ve been working with many customers over the last few months, helping them collate, manage and advertise their products online.
To demonstrate our expertise, our entire team of UK Account Managers have taken, and passed the Google Shopping Exam and are now completely qualified and recognised by Google as experts in Google Shopping.
The knowledge and dedication this qualification demonstrates in our team gives them absolute confidence in advertising customer’s products and managing every aspect of product advertising in Google Shopping for any retailer from small businesses to large multichannel e-commerce brands.
You can view all of our teams qualifications on our Google Partners page here, and below are just a few of the areas the qualification covers:

  • Google Merchant Center Set-Up
  • Creating & Importing Data Feeds
  • Linking Existing Feeds to Google Merchant Center
  • Setting Up Google Shopping Campaigns in AdWords
  • Managing Google Shopping Campaigns in AdWords
  • Optimising Performance of Google Shopping Campaigns in AdWords

At broadplace we’ve seen client investment in Google Shopping increase over the last quarter by over 7%, delivering over 15 million impressions in the last quarter for Google Shopping products alone!

If your business sells products online then getting your products seen by millions of potential customers searching for your goods by using Google Shopping is essential. Contact Our Team for advice to get started now.

Extensions & Adrank

What is Adrank?

Your adrank takes into account the predicted impact of ad extensions. This essentially means that ad extensions will have an impact on the price you pay per click (cpc) and the position your ad is eligible to show in.
Adrank is a more important factor in the algorithm which decides whether your ad will be displayed with different extensions/formats.
-> Adrank is a value assigned within Google AdWords.
-> Adrank is assigned at keyword level.
-> Adrank is calculated every time your ad is eligible to appear.
-> Adrank determines where on the page your ad is eligible to show.
How Is Adrank Calculated?
The primary factors in calculating Adrank is:
-> Quality Score
Your Quality Score is a value assigned at various levels of your account. The most important element of Quality Score is:
-> CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
What Are Ad Extensions?

Location extensions

Call extensions


Adding your business address number. Adding a number or “click to call” button. Additional deep links to related pages.


Social annotations

Seller ratings

App extensions

Sitelink Descriptions

Show endorsements from users on your ads. Add customer-submitted ratings to your ad Click To Download” button on your ad Additional descriptions to support sitelinks

What Do We Do?
-> Make sure that clients’ accounts have up to date, and relevant extensions and ad formats.
-> The impact (largely CTR) of your extensions and ad formats (mobile) will see changes for you in terms of your CPCs and Avg. Position.
-> This affects your competitors, even if everything in your account remained the same in terms of Adrank. If their extension impact is greater they will likely see reduced CPC and improved position. Which will knock on to you!
-> Monitor Your Quality Scores – Either take an account benchmark or use a QS tracking script to benchmark your quality scores so you can assure this variable stays the same.
-> Create a spreadsheet for all our clients to document which extensions and ad formats are implemented + the key metrics. (CTR, impression, click type, conversions)
-> Check out the CTRs of your extensions/formats, benchmark, optimise.
Remember this takes into account the predicted impact of ad extensions and formats, so don’t go extension crazy thinking your Adrank will jump. Make sure they are useful and will actually have an impact on CTR.

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