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  • On December 27, 2010
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Google launched display ads to its Google AdWords advertising format in 2008 which helped many businesses explore the potential of display ads. The display ad builder tool is free and lets advertisers customize their display ads. Google has constantly updated and made changes in its display ad builder; below are some of the recently added features.
Easy to manage and edit display ads: Earlier display ads had to be individually edited, the bulk editing option was not available. With the new version of the Adwords editor now display ads can be created, edited and even customized in bulk in one go. The advertisers need not go and change the text in the ads or the display and destination urls for every ad, now they can select all the adgroups that need slight change in the ad, be it the name of the location or the destination url. They can then be edited in bulk and then be posted. Within minutes numerous ads can be modified now.
Socially engaging templates: Google’s display ad builder has more than 100 ready to use ad templates. The latest additions to this list are the social and expandable templates. If you wish to keep updating your promotions on a regular basis just like your Tweets and Facebook updates you can now do so. Google’s social templates will automatically add your tweets in your ads, this simply means your tweets will be integrated in your display ads. The ads that use the expandable templates will expand up to twice the width of what they appear when clicked. These templates will help engage the interest users even more.
More scope for customization: The display ad templates can now be customized as per your requirements in certain aspects. Earlier the text boxes could not be moved and the text had to placed as per the template design. Advertisers can now place text as well as the images where they wish within the template. Also there are around 100 fonts and numerous hues that can be used to enhance the effect of the display ads.
Display ads need to arouse interest in the minds of the target audience to get clicks. Their purpose does not end after getting clicked. With the newly added features Google has made them look more appealing as well as purpose serving.
You may like to check the Google Link to start building the display adverts
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